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We just had baby goats and a baby sheep born at our farm. Stop by and say Hi!

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Field Update: May 15th

Due to all the fun in the sun☀️ our Strawberry plants (june bearing then day neutral) have had a fantastic growth spurt! This fresh growth is the foundation for our juicy berries’ sizing and sweetness as this new foliage will be the main photosynthesis highway for the fruit, so expect sweet berries this year 🍓 We’re about 3 weeks away from our first pick and our U-Pick will be open really soon following that. The Blueberries are doing very well despite the cold weather, our Duke variety are in 50-60% bloom and the bees are buzzing away 🐝!! Yes, this year is different than last yearin terms of temperature and sunshine but every year is different than the last. Farmers are working with the mother of all mothers: Mother Nature, and whatever she says goes. Every year has new challenges but that’s what makes it fun and exciting! We are thrilled we get to share our farming story with our local community.


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