Three ceremony locations

Mt. Baker Site 

The Mt. Baker ceremony site located next to our fragrant strawberry fields with Panoramic views of of the mountains in the background.  

The Court Yard 

Our landscaped court yard features a beautiful gazebo, heritage walnut tree, and lush gardens with a brick pathway.  

McKenzie Hall 

A cozy indoor spot to say your “I do’s”. McKenzie Hall features, Edison bulbs, warm wood panelling and a picture perfect center isle for your ceremony.   

Can my fur-baby be part of my ceremony?

Maan Farms welcomes your well-behaved pet to be part of your ceremony; however, they must be kept on a leash as we have our animals on the premises.

What happens if it rains?

Rainy day, no problem, McKenzie Hall is directly across from the reception barn and is the perfect way to stay warm and dry regardless of the weather.  


We include a full buffet with salads, sides and main courses customizable to suite your tastes. Before your wedding we will provide you with a tasting to help you select your wedding menu. 

We offer options for cocktail hour and late night snacks as well. 


The barn has the capacity to hold approximately 150 guests.


Dance the night away outdoors. Our large covered veranda makes the perfect spot to share your first dance as a married couple. 

Tables & Chairs

We have beautiful white chairs which we will set up for your ceremony and reception. We provide rectangle or round tables for your guests and wedding party. 

Rental Times

What time must my party end?

Events must end fully at 12AM with the bar closing and volume adjusted at 11PM. Please inquire about our late dismissal options.

Are other events scheduled on the same day?

We host one wedding per day, but our farm is still open to the public. Our attention will be focused entirely on your special day to ensure you and your guests enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

May we set up or take down before/after our rental begins?

Your wedding day rental hours are 10am-12am. However, if there is no booking the day before or the day after, we do allow 2 hours of evening set up and next morning take down before 10am. This can be confirmed on your last payment date, this must be arranged with the Maan team ahead of time. If additional time is required, it will be available for $200 per hour plus tax. If the wedding is booked on a long weekend, or holiday, this clause will be nullified, and other arrangements will be discussed.

Is the rehearsal free of charge?

Yes, 60 minutes rehearsal is free of charge, must be arranged from Monday- Thursday. The rehearsal may be extended for an additional fee.

Food & Drinks

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, you may have alcohol at your wedding. Besides the minimum wine purchase from our Estate Winery, you are allowed to bring in outside alcohol that is purchased from either a BC Government Liquor store and/or a private manufacturer (brewery, winery, distillery). Copies of purchase receipts must be kept on file. Alcohol left in our cooler to chill must be clearly labelled for the wedding. Maan Farms does not assume any responsibility for the use of alcohol. You are also responsible to ensure the safe departure of your guests from your event. All alcohol must be served by a certified bartender and you must provide Maan Farms with a copy of your Special Event Permit (SEP) and the bar staff member’s Serving it Right.

Is there a corkage fee?

No, there is not. Whoever is hired for the bar will be responsible for opening the wine.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

There is no cake cutting fee. However, Maan Farms staff is not responsible for cutting nor serving your cake. This would be the responsibility of someone from your party.


Is it okay to invite children?

Children are welcome at Maan Farms Weddings, however the surroundings at our venue do include some hazards. Children must be supervised at all times. Guests who are bringing children to your event should be notified in advance that they will need to provide constant and vigilant supervision.

Some of my guests have mobility issues, will they be able to get around?

The barn has a smooth concrete floor suitable for wheelchair access. A vehicle can drive up to the barn to drop off any guests with mobility issues. The ceremony sites can both be accessed by vehicle for those unable to walk there. 

Furniture & Decor

What type of chair is provided in the rental fee?

Maan Farms provides padded banquet chairs, or folding white garden chairs. Our team will set up your chairs for the ceremony and later move and set them up for the reception. Chairs may not be used in the rain.

What is the responsibility of my “Maan farms wedding representative” ?

Maan Farms wedding representative will be available for the duration of your event but will not act as a wedding planner or decorator. She is responsible for ensuring that all operations at the farm in regard to the wedding run smoothly, and that your wedding day schedule is running on time. She is your “go-to” person, if you have any questions or concerns. However, we still recommend you to hire your own wedding planner.

Are candles allowed?

We prefer guests use battery-operated candles for the safety of guests and the venue. Upon approval from your wedding coordinator, candles will be permitted if they are contained by water or a lantern structure.

Do you provide linens and decor?

Every couple has different tastes; therefore, we don’t provide linens or decorations. If you need some help to get that organized, we can provide you with names of florists and decorators who have worked here in the past. 

The Venue

May we have a DJ or band?

Yes, you may choose the band or DJ of your choice. 

May I act as my own vendor?

You are welcome to be your own florist or DJ. If you decide to be your own florist, you will be expected to arrive with your work completed. You may not use our property as your workshop.

Is parking provided?

Yes, parking is provided in our designated wedding parking lot, Vehicles and campers, may be left overnight with permission, but must be picked up by the following morning.

Must we take away the trash? Who is responsible for cleaning the barn?

Outside vendors are responsible for the removal of their trash. Clients are responsible for clearing the barn and gardens of your own decorations, linens etc. Maan Farms will clean the venue area and washrooms after you leave. Sorted recycling may be left inside the barn. If extensive cleaning is required, partial or full funds from the damage deposit may be withheld.

Do you have a bridal room?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, there are many hotels within proximity to the farm.