School Tours

We strive to facilitate a truly unique learning experience for students of all ages.

They get to take a look at the work that goes into producing the food that they consume every day as we explain the science behind agriculture, in a way that is easy to grasp for all ages.

We identify the life-cycle and the parts of each plant, and explain everything that helps turn a seed into the food on our plate.

Every Tour Includes

There are the 5 Stations which each student visits during their tour.

Station 1: Pumpkin Patch Students take a pumpkin home (1 per Student) and learn about pumpkin agriculture.

Station 2: Petting Zoo Animal education and visit with a dozen different farm animals

Station 3: Corn Maze Wonder through a 10 acre corn maze. Get lost, find all the letters and TRY to make it out!

Station 4: Wagon Ride No tour is complete without a tractor drawn wagon ride through all of our acres!

Station 5: Attraction Zone/Free Play Kids get to visit all of our attractions and burn off that energy while having a blast.

Optional Station 6: Strawberry Patch U-Pick and Strawberry Education. Its our favorite crop, let us show you why. (Optional – We can substitute the Pumpkin Patch Station with this as an option. Otherwise, this station is not included.)    

Each Tour takes about 2 hours

We stay informed with B.C. Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Our goal is to provide a true farm experience within each tour.


Child $9

Adult $4

Additional Siblings (3 yrs and up) $9

1 Adult/Chaperone Free per 5 Children

Must be 20+ Students or a minimum charge will apply. 

Tax Not Included

Things to Learn

When you book please include what you want us to focus on. By discussing with tour guides before hand we can further cater the experience to your needs. 

Some of the possible topics and activities:

Pumpkins! – Cut open a pumpkin and also learn about their life cycle by getting hands on!

  Corn Production – Learn about one of most important crops in history.

Organic Vs Conventional Vs Sustainable Crop Production – Learn about pesticides and what we’re actually eating

Goats/Sheep – Go deeper into goat husbandry and their day to day lives. Learning about Goats in our lives.

Strawberry – U-Pick and Education

Agriculture Entrepreneurship – Learn about business, government policy and innovations (For older kids)