Berry Pre-Order

Welcome to Maan Farms  Berry Pre-order Program

Don’t let the season pass you by wondering when is the right time to buy your Maan Farms berries! Pre-order your quantity now and let us have it ready for you when it is at it’s mouth-watering best! Pre-ordering ensures that you will have the best berries in BC. Maan Farms has been farming in the Fraser Valley for over 40 years.

Please call in advance during winter months to ensure we have the quantity to fulfill your order 604-864-5723.



Albion Strawberries

$38.99 – 10lb flat


Frozen Blueberries

$7.99 – bag (approx 2-2.5lbs)blueberries-many-ripe-widescreen-high-resolution-wallpaper-for-desktop-background-download-blueberries-images-high-resolution-artworks-iphone-wallpaper-1920x1080


Frozen Raspberries 

$39.99 – 10 lb flat (individually frozen)

$7.99 – bag (approx 2.5lbs)

$3/lb cooking quality (not individually frozen)-20lb box 


Place Your Order Here

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Refund Policy

By placing an order you agree to:
1) Pick-up your order on designated date, time and location specified.
2) There will be NO REFUNDS on unclaimed/forgotten product.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who do I contact for wholesale orders/pricing?
A. For wholesale requests (over 150lbs) please email

Q. Do we need a confirmation number to pickup our berries?
A. Our database is sorted by last name, so a confirmation number is not required. However, if you place your order online and have a valid e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which you can print for your records.

Q. Can you deliver the berries we order to us directly?
A. Sorry we are not able to do this, as we do not have the resources available.

Q. Can someone else pick up our berries for us?
A. Yes, absolutely. Just make sure they know the name and phone number your berries were ordered under.

Q. What happens to unclaimed berries?
A. We make every effort to contact you on the date of pick up if you haven’t picked up your berries by early afternoon. To help us contact your please be sure to provide us with all your contact information. We will leave messages on your answering machine, however if you do not show up, we are not able to hold your berries or refund you the money paid.

Q. Are the berries organic?
A. No, the berries are not organic.

Q.Can we pick up on a different date?
A. Our resources are very limited and as such the date you choose to pick up is the date you commit to. There are no opportunities to change the pick-up dates or times.

Q. Why do you need the number on my credit card?
A. This number is required by the secure server in order to process your order.

Q. Why do you need my e-mail address?
A. Your e-mail is also used to send a reminder to pickup your order. We do not use it for any other purpose, and do not make it available to third parties.