Our Berries




We grow them the way we like them: big, red, and full of flavor. Our delicious strawberries, famous throughout the Fraser Valley and BC, are the tastiest you’ll ever try!  If you don’t believe us, come down and sample a few for yourself at our Country Market.

We grow Puget Reliance (a variety of June strawberries), and Albion strawberries (a variety of ever bearing strawberries), so make sure to visit while they are in season.

For an extra experience take part in our  Strawberry U-Pick offerings, or our Strawberry pre-order program.



Whether you want to bake them into a pie, turn them into a jam, freeze them as a summer treat, or simply eat them fresh by the handful, our BC raspberries do not disappoint.

Our ripe Malahat, Tulameen and Caroline raspberries are flavor filled to the last juicy bite. Available Mid June to Mid Sept.

For an extra experience take part in our Raspberry U-Pick, or our Raspberry pre-order program.offerings.



Delicious and good for you – What more could you want from a BC blueberry?

Ours come in two varieties—Duke and Bluecrop—to increase the season length and ensure we can produce as many tasty blueberries as possible.  Our Duke blueberries are large and firm, and our Bluecrop variety are wonderfully sweet.  Try them both and see which you like better! Available First week of July to mid Aug.

For an extra experience take part in our Blueberry U-Pick offerings.


Purchase these delicious berries ready to eat at our Country Market or find us at various Farmers Markets.

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Strawberries on vine


Box of blueberries

Mixed berries in basket