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Maan Farms Freshest

Yes, we have the freshest and juiciest berries within the Fraser Valley. But did you know our 80 acre farm supports Sustainability? Yup, that’s right! When you purchase berries from our farm you’re giving back to the planet by supporting sustainable, cost effective and ethical farming practices which are safe for you and the environment.

FROZEN BERRIES available all year long. Give us a call to set yours aside today.

Pre-order your Strawberries Today!

Berries in Season

Buy already picked berries or pick them yourself.

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Available: Everyday

U-Pick: Beginning June 8th

Available: Everyday

U-Pick: June 23rd

Available: Everyday

U-Pick: June 29th

Everything is Weather Dependent and is subject to change at any given time, prices/availability online may not reflect the prices/availability in store! 

Pre-order your Strawberries Today!

Our Farming Practices

Sustainability at our farm means we drastically limit the use of any pesticides/chemicals. In fact, we spray less than Organic Farmers. Yes, Organic Farmers spray Organic Pesticides, which are just as harmful for our planet and ourselves as their conventional counterparts. However, we strive to farm the safest produce in the Fraser valley, through the application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) a scientifically proven form of growing that produces high yields with minimal use of pesticides. In addition, we only spray when necessary, as this method is the most effective and the safest form of control.
Sustainable Benefits  
This method is also environmentally friendly, as our berries are mindfully produced in consideration of negative impacts on the environment and those around us- compared to any other form of agriculture, including Organic. The use of IPM, also ensures enough production of fruit to feed a society, despite the growing population. In addition to these positive aspects, IPM contributes to effective and ethically priced produce, as we do not charge the outrageous prices that Organic Farmers would, due to their lack of yields per acre, forcing them to compensate in regards to the price they charge per lb.
Some might suggest eliminating pesticides altogether. However, in the unfortunate event of a crop loss, we would lose these vital tools to protect our crops from sheer destruction. Berries are quite delicate, prone to rotting in rain or feasted on by fruit flies. So as humble stewards of our land, we believe the application of specific pesticides is an ethical method of prevention. That is true sustainability.
Pre-order your Strawberries Today!

How to U-Pick

We have the top rated U-Pick in the Fraser Valley! The nicest fields with the best fruit, pick your berries then enjoy the animals, some ice cream or even a glass of wine. Why pick some where else!?

Weigh your containers before picking (so you are not paying for the weight of your bucket)

Stay within the directed area

Please keep different berry types separated in different containers (different berries = different pricing)

Walk in between the rows, do not  step on plants

Bring all of your picked berries to the checkout

Last entry to u-pick field is at 5:30pm, must be back to store before 6pm

We charge an initial $3 admission per person to the U-Pick field which is returned to the person once they have picked at least 5 lbs or more of berries. Children under 3 are not charged.

We are thankful for a our local governments’ support towards our agriculture pursuits. Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia mission is to assist British Columbia’s producers, processors, agri-businesses and rural communities to develop solutions and seize opportunities.