• No intoxicants or consumption of alcohol. Individuals who appear intoxicated, under the influence of any illegal substances, consume alcohol or smell of alcohol will be removed from the maze. No exceptions.
  • Stay on trail at all times. This is for your safety! The darkness, brush, uneven ground, props and water hazards are dangers that are off trail, so stay on trail for your safety!
  • No smoking in corn maze, on corn maze property, or within store area.
  • No intentional touching of actors. As part of the scare, actors will approach you suddenly, but will not intentionally touch you.
  • No flash cameras, video cameras/video taping or flashlights of any kind allowed.
  • We are not responsible for any lost items. Your jackets & pockets may not hold items when you are running or jump when scared. Valuable items would be safer left in your vehicle.
  • Please use caution crossing the street and only cross at the 4 way stop (intersection)
  • Please comply with all instructions given to you by the staff member at the entrance to the haunted corn maze. They know how to help you have the best experience possible.
  • Last call for admission is 9:30pm to ensure that everyone has a chance to go through before 10pm close.
  • All corn maze guests must check in at store before entering the corn maze. If tickets have been pre-purchased on-line you still must scan your ticket in store to receive that days wristband which will be checked for at the entrance to the mazes as well as by the crossing guard when on duty.



  • Flashlights are not included.
  • From 7pm sounds from the adjacent haunted corn maze may be heard but there are absolutely no haunted attractions, actors or props in the flashlight corn maze.



  • Tickets must be purchased in store.
  • Any inappropriate or raucous behaviour will result in immediate stoppage of the ride and expulsion from the farm.



We have a strong ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violation of any of these rules. If one person in your group violates the rules, the WHOLE group will immediately be removed from Maan Farms Property. These rules are intended to keep you, other customers and our staff safe.