How you store your wine is crucial to ensure its flavour remain intact.

  • Always store you wines in a cool dark place, light hurts the wine
  • Refrigeration prior to serving is ideal to maximize their flavour
  • Prevent cork from drying up by storing bottles on their side (If the cork remains moist it will not fall apart when opened)
  • Once opened, the table wine will stay at its optimal quality for three to four days which is the same as grape wine. Dessert wines will last up to a week and a half because of their high alcohol content.


  • Fruit wines are best serve chilled, preferably at a temperature between 7ºC and 9ºC (Similar to a white grape wine).
  • If possible,  use “U” shaped wine glasses as this will ensure that wine will stay chilled as well as guaranteeing that the wine will be very aromatic.
  • Dessert wine should ideally be served in a smaller glass because of their high alcohol content. A small glass also directs the wine to the back of the mouth so that the sweetness does not overpower the palate.




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