We grow them the way we like them: big, red, and full of flavor. Our delicious strawberries, famous throughout the Fraser Valley and BC, are the tastiest you’ll ever try!  If you don’t believe us, come down and sample a few for yourself at our Abbotsford Farm.  We grow the Puget Reliance (June and July) a variety of June strawberries,  Albion strawberries (May -Oct.), a variety of ever bearing strawberries, so make sure to visit while they are in season.

Ever Bearing Strawberry U-Pick – COMING SOON!

2014 U-Pick Season

  • June Bearing Strawberries – May 29th – June 30th*
  • Ever Bearing Strawberries – July 10th – September *

* Subject to Availability & Weather Dependant

Want to learn more?


  • BC produces about 1/4 of Canada’s Strawberries, that’s about 3 million Kg per year
  • The strawberry is not technically a berry, or even a fruit but  rather a psuedocarp
  • Strawberries are often grouped according to their flowering habits: “June-bearing” (which bear a single large crop in early summer) and “Ever bearing” (which often bear several crops of fruit throughout the season)
  • In BC, Strawberry yields are typically around 10,000 lbs per acre


  • The wild or wood strawberry of North America & Eurasia has been consumed by humans as far back as the Stone Age
  • The modern garden strawberry was first bred in Brittany, France in 1740 and is mix between the Virginia and the Chilean strawberry
  • The first cultivated strawberries on record were grown in ancient Persia
  • Our Puget Reliance Cultivar was first bred in 1990 at Washington State University and is the most commonly grown short day strawberry in BC

*Prices subject to change based on availability / season

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