Whether you want to bake them into a pie, turn them into a jam, freeze them as a summer treat, or simply eat them fresh by the handful, our BC raspberries do not disappoint.  Our ripe Malahat, Tulameen and Caroline raspberries are flavor filled to the last juicy bite. Season Mid June to Mid Sept.

Please order ahead for no disappointments. Frozen Raspberries are available in unlimited quantity through out the year.

Want to learn more?


  • Canada is the 8th largest producer of raspberries in the world. BC produces over 80% – producing between 11 million and 20 million raspberries a year
  • Raspberry plants often produce fruit for 10 – 15 years with yields of up to 10000 lbs per acre in BC

  • Raspberries are technically not a berry; it’s an aggregate fruit, formed by combining several smaller fruits called drupelets, which are attached to the central core.
  • Raspberries require rich, well drained sandy loam of a pH between 5.5 & 6.5 to grow healthy berries


  • Raspberries are native to both Asia Minor and North America and are one of the oldest berry crops
  • Raspberry domestication records date back to Ancient Rome around 4th century AD and Roman Forts throughout Britain

  • Raspberries were introduced to North America in 1771 through British exports
  • The Tulameen, Malahat and Esquimalt were first developed in BC at the Pacific Agriculture Research Centre (PARC)

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