Delicious and good for you – What more could you want from a BC blueberry? Ours come in two varieties—Duke and Bluecrop—to increase the season length and ensure we can produce as many tasty blueberries as possible.  Our Duke blueberries are large and firm, and our Bluecrop variety are wonderfully sweet.  Try them both and see which you like better! Season First week of July to mid Aug.

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  • Canada produces well over 25% of the worlds Blueberries. BC accounts for almost the entire total – about 9 million Kg a year
  • At their peak, blueberry bushes produce about 4000 to 6000 lbs per acre
  • Blueberries contain antioxidents believed to have numerous health benefits, including anticarcinogenic properties
  • When first formed , the berries are pale green, then reddish purple, then dark blue when ripe. The berries will not ripen after they are picked.


  • Blueberries are native to North America but only recently been domesticated
  • Domestication of Blueberry began in 1908 in New Hampshire by Docter F.V. Colville who began to selectively breed the native lowbush blueberry.
  • The Blue Crop Cultivar is one of the original 15 commercial varieties of Highbush blueberries produced by Doctor Colville
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