Packed with vitamins and medicinal properties for a variety of ailments, our BC grown Blackberries are the perfect ingredient for your pies and treats! We grow the Black Diamond and Logan Berry varieties at our Abbotsford Farm and ensure you get the best produce of the season. Come in from Mid July to the middle of September to get your hands on natures own medicinal miracle.

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  • Blackberries are an important source of Vitamin C and Fibre
  • Stomach problems (e.g. Nausea and Dystentery) can be effectively treated with blackberries
  • During the American Civil War, temporary truces were made between Union and Confederate forces so both sides could “go blackberrying” as it was believed they were a cure for dysente


  • In ancient times, the Greeks used blackberries as a treatment for Gout & Romans made a tea from the leaves of the blackberry plant to treat other illnesses
  • Judge Logan of California introduced and released the Logan Berry in 1880. For the most part, modern blackberry variety development occured in America
  • Luther Burbank was responsible for a lot of the American blackberry hybridization. He introduced the Phenomal Berry and a white variety of blackberry – although it was too soft for
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