What should I bring?

• Party Favours
• Cake
• Cake Cutlery
• Serving Plates
• Decorations
• Tablecloths
• Paper Goods Napkins
• Flatware
• Food (or pre-order from our kitchen)

We do not supply a cake or decorations. Cutlery provided is only for any food served by Maan Farms.

Do infants under 1 count as part of the head count?

No. Only guests that have had their 2nd birthday and older are part of your head count.

Where will be the party area?

We have two options available, the Petting Zoo Party Place, or the Party Patio. Both locations have full access to the entire Barnyard Adventure Land.

How much can I decorate the assigned tables?

You can decorate as much or as little as you like. You are welcome to bring themed balloons, table clothes, goody bags, centerpieces, plates and napkins. You may arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your reservation to set-up and decorate. We do not allow any decorations to be taped, stapled or nailed to any of our tables, buildings or trees. Also, silly string, confetti, piñatas, streamers, shredded stuffing, glass containers and whistles are prohibited as they all pose choking risks to our animals should the debris end up in our pastures.

How many tables and chairs you will get?

You will have enough tables and chairs for all your guests, generally 3-4. If you need more tell us in advance and we will provide them.

How long is a party?

Your party can last from open to close, however, your tables are reserved for 2 hours. Most families prefer to have their parties start at their tables and then enjoy the activities around the farm. Please be mindful of parties that may be scheduled after yours by cleaning up and removing your items after your time has ended. Additional hour party area may be reserved for additional $100.00/hour. However we encourage you to disclose your interest to book extra hour in advance in time of your booking. If you go over the time limit of two hours you will be automatically charged extra charges.

Can we barbecue?

Grilling is prohibited.

What about alcohol and smoking?

There is no outside alcohol or smoking on the farm. Maan Farms wine is available in our Liscenced Lounge and patio. Visitors may smoke in their vehicle in the parking lot.

Can we store an ice-cream cake in your refrigerator?

Yes we are happy to store your cakes in our coolers/refrigerators, but please do bring your own cake plates, cutting knife, matches & candles.

What comes with my food order?

Utensils, plates, napkins and condiments are included with food orders. All utensils are not themed. If you like to have themed utensils please feel free to bring your own. Guests may also purchase food/beverages from our Country Kitchen on the day of your event, however, they will be charged at the full menu price.

1. 20 guests are included in the party package. Additional guests may be added for $10 each. 
2. GST + 15% gratuity applies to total price.
3. $100 non refundable deposit is required upon booking. Remaining balance is due 7 days prior your booking.Guest numbers and list of food order (if any) should be provided with last payment.
4. Private Party Area reservations start at the top of the hour of your time slot. You may arrive 15 minutes prior to your party to decorate and deliver additional goods.
5. Parties end at the bottom of the hour of your time slot. Everything must be removed and cleaned up from your area before your party ends so our staff can immediately begin to prepare the for the next party.
6. Pre-ordered food will be served approximately 30min after the party begins and brought to your Private Party Area.

7. Outside food is allowed in the party area.

8. Rain checks are ONLY issued when the farm has to close unexpectedly due to inclement weather.

9. NO Glass, confetti, silly string, streamers, whistles or piñatas (for the safety of our wild animals).