The Best Berries in BC

See below for what is in season, how to u-pick and information on how you can order strawberries to a location near you. Come to our farm for Strawberry Days; a magical celebration of all things strawberry.



U-Pick: Open
Pre-Picked: Available



U-Pick: Open
Pre-Picked: Available



U-Pick: Open
Pre-Picked: Available


Step 1

Pick the quantity and type of product that is in season and ready to harvest.


Step 2

Either select Curbside Pick up from the farm or choose a pick up location near you!


Step 3

Farmer picks the fruit fresh and delivers it the same day, keeping it as fresh as possible!


Abbotsford Farmers Market, West End Farmers Market, Downtown Farmers Market, Trout Lake Farmers Market, Kitsilano Farmers Market, White Rock Farmers Market, Coquitlam Farmers Market, Fort Langley Village Farmers Market, Port Moody Farmers Market.


Our berry season is in full swing! In the nicest fields with the sweetest berries, come experience the joy of picking your own fresh fruit, then visit the animals in the petting zoo, enjoy our Strawberry Cloud Ice Cream or even a glass of fruit wine. Currently we have Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries available!

Book online or check our social/call for daily walk-in availability, and please read below before visiting!

BERRY PICKING at Maanfarms

Hours & Availability

Opening Day: May 29th
U-Pick opens daily at 9:00am, and closes when we sell out for the day. Please check our social media for a daily U-Pick Availability Update. @maanfarms IG and FB
We encourage you to book online to reserve your tickets, there will be limited walk-ins available before we sell out. Quantities may vary depending on availability and weather.


  • Reserve your spot online before you come.
  • Every person, walking age and up must purchase a new container before entering the field. As per Ministry of Agriculture Covid-19 Rules and Regulations.
  • Check in at the Maan Farms Market to receive your pre-purchased container or to purchase one, we will also give you directions on which fields have the ripest berries to pick.
  • Once you have filled your container visit the store to enjoy some of our seasonal desserts or wine.
  • You are welcome to stop by our country kitchen for lunch or visit our Barnyard Adventureland! Enjoy a wine tasting or glass of wine in our new licensed lounge.
Maan Farms Market


  • Keep berries cool, don't leave them in a car.
  • To store your berries, refrigerate them immediately until use.
  • Wash just before using, rinsing any dirt by gently dipping in a bowl of cold water.
  • Enjoy your berries today! Eat or process within 1 or 2 says for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are! We recommend you bring your finest gumboots on the days that it rains.


Please do not eat the berries while you are picking.

We would like to avoid guests putting a berry in their mouth and then touching the plants again.

No outside food or beverages

No smoking or vaping

No pets/animals

Wash your fruit at home before you eat

Prices and availability are weather dependent and is subject to change at any given time. Updates posted to social media.


We encourage you to book online to reserve your tickets, there will be limited walk-in availability. Quantities may vary day-to-day depending on availability. For the most updated information please check our social media, or call 604 864 5723.

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