Mama Maan’s Famous Crepes Recipe

Crepes have begun to creep into our everyday lives, from breakfast, desserts, and late night snacks. Who hasn’t found themselves in the circle of Instagram watching circles of batter and chocolate sauce? Or is that just me?

Like samosas, you can fill a crepe with almost anything (see our samosa recipe here). It’s about packaging food up and presenting it in a new and beautiful way. 

For the last few weeks, we’ve been preparing for our Breakfast with the Easter Bunny launch, and this includes Mama Maan practicing her crepe skills!

We have a professional crepe maker here in the kitchen, but you can always use a frying pan over medium high heat to make your crepes. And again, you can fill them with almost anything! Mama Maan is filling them with her strawberry sauce, made from our frozen strawberries.


Hello everybody and welcome to Mama Mann’s Kitchen once again, today we are practicing in our kitchen how to make crepes! I have my dough ready, my professional crepe maker, and my tools, and we are just practicing today. My temperature according to the instructions is about 270°.

Once I poured and laid out the crepe batter, I let it sit for a about a minute, until the bottom is a nice golden brown. While it is cooking I wash my special crepe tool. It’s very important that you wash it during crepes. 

Then I slide the spatula underneath the crepe, making sure it is smooth and unstuck from all edges, and then flip it over and let it sit for a few more seconds. 


The next step is to add some strawberries. I have a sauce made up with our frozen strawberries from our farm. We want lots of flavour, so I’m using about three big tablespoons. 

Once the crepe is ready,  flip over the left bottom corner, then the right, to close up the crepe. I’ve topped with more strawberry sauce and some whipped cream!


Click here to print the recipe


But wait!

These strawberry filled crepes will be available every morning all Easter Weekend for our new event, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Enjoy these crepes and some coffee or strawberry lemonade, with some VIP time with the Easter Bunny and his friends from the farm.

Time slots for breakfast are 8:30am OR 9am each day of the event. Breakfast tickets are available only for the specific time and day selected. No exceptions. Breakfast tickets are $10 each and must be purchased in ADDITION to the Easter Egg Hunt tickets. One does not admit you into the other. Tickets for Breakfast with The Easter Bunny must be purchased online in advance. No tickets available at the door.

Find all of the details and purchase your tickets here. 









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