Easter is coming. Birthday dinners may be coming. Family affairs. In-law dinners. And what are you going to make!?

Why not try something a little different? Let’s make samosas!

Samosas are a fried or baked dish that can be used as an appetizer (in smaller sizes) or a main dish for regular family meals and holiday events. They also provide multiple opportunities to explore as you can fill them with anything!

Mama Maan is here to guide you through her Easter samosas.

Today we’re making party sized samosas Easter, to feed the crowd in your home. You can use any different kinds of filling (like a veggie filling), but today I’m using my butter chicken samosa filling and topping it with our samosa chutney. (You can find my video on butter chicken here and expect a recipe coming soon!)

To begin, lay the tortilla shells flat out in front, and cut them through the middle twice, they become the shell of the samosa. Basically I’m making 4 pieces out of 1 tortilla shell. 


To make the pocket I fold the tortilla and use my binding or glue. The binding is just water and all purpose flour, it’s nice and goopy and gluey so it will help hold the samosa.

1. I start with the round shape of the tortilla towards me, and the corner pointing away.
2. I fold the right side over to the left.
3. Use the binding to glue the open edge closed. For best results you have to use your fingers to smooth the paste down.
4. Then fold the left side over and glue down, to finished creating the pocket.


Scoop one tablespoon of the filling into the pocket (maybe a little more if it will fit). The more filling you have the better flavour they are, rice is a nice filler. But, you can use more chicken, or more rice, or more sauce, whatever you like! Just make sure there’s not too much sauce, as you don’t want a wet samosa. You want it nice and dry inside and crispy outside.

Once the pocket is full, I go back to my glue. Push the top edge of the tortilla over the filling, pushing it under and down, add some glue, and then wrap the top over, to close the envelope. 

To bake or fry?

There are two ways we can do the next step, we can fry the samosas, or bake them, yes you can bake them!

Frying them is the traditional way, but it’s not always easy if you don’t have the space or are not comfortable with it.

To bake them, take some vegetable oil and baste the samosas, make them shiny, and put them on a tray and bake them! At 350 degree heat, for at least 15 minutes. You want them nice and golden brown.

The frying part is more quicker, but be careful with it. With your vegetable oil in a medium sized pot or pan, and it nice and hot, just pop the pockets right in! With the oil hot, the samosas will be crisper sooner.

Let them sit maybe less than a minute on each side, 45 seconds, turning them to make sure they don’t get stuck at the bottom. You want to make sure they all get nice and golden brown.

Then carefully remove the from the oil and serve!

We’re pairing it with my samosa chutney that I make in store from scratch. Dribble it over top, and enjoy. You can hear the crunchiness when you take a bite or cut them with your fork.

Again, with samosas you can have any filling you like; vegetables cup up with your own dressing, or a sweet samosa with an apple pie filling.

During the holidays and events, your not just eating one thing, you want to eat all of the good food! So this way you are not missing out, you can try many different types and have one of each.

Thank you very much for reading, and we’ll see you next time!



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