Family Days are not Just for Family Day (psst. It’s almost Easter)

It doesn’t need to be Family Day to celebrate and share time with your families, but it’s a great chance to. Our family spent the evening with an exciting game of charades, and we’re not certain, but we’re pretty sure Mama Maan was cheating. (Either that or she’s just really good at mind reading.)

We also took the day to relax, with a break from preparations for our first major event of the season, the 6th Annual Easter Eggstravaganza! Another great chance to spend time with your family.

Sometimes we get busy, life gets hard, we know, so it’s important for everyone to have a little self and family-care. Which is what we strive to bring you every Easter. Our long weekend events and kids hunt have always been about bringing families together and simply having fun. We’ve thought of everything, so moms, there’s no reason to stress. Food? We got it. Interactive activities? We got it. Fresh Air? We definitely got that. New friends? That parts up to you.

All you need to remember is the hunting baskets, and even then, we will have some to purchase if you do forget!

Nothing beats the anticipation of being behind the starting line rope, baskets bouncing, waiting to find those Easter Eggs. Toddlers giggling and dancing, not sure of what’s coming, but knowing it’s going to be worth the wait, children stretching and strategizing, determined to find the one Golden Egg, and parents beside them, capturing each moment.

This year we are hatching some new plans and exciting additions to the Easter Weekend celebrations, only the Easter Bunny knows and he’s under strict orders to lay low.

This Easter Long Weekend, March 30-April 2nd 2018, we will be out here dancing, and you better grab your rain boots and hunting baskets and join us. But, watch out for our baby goats Noel and Feta, they’re hunting for that Golden Egg too.

How did you celebrate Family Day? Do you try and set aside time for fun family events? Or is relaxing together more your thing? Let us know in the comments below, and we can’t wait to see you Easter Weekend.

-Love Maan Farms

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