May 11th Maan Farms Crop Report

I ATE a strawberry today! Yup, it’s the beginning of May and Strawberries are ready!

With one bite you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of a hot summers day. The plants have been working on overdrive injecting sugar into the big red berries. We are hand picking a limited quantity of quality strawberries for our market this week. Pre-order is now live on our website. There you can purchase a guarantee to some of the seasons best berries! No more waiting and calling to check if they are perfect, we will call you for when your order is ready! Strawberry U-pick should open in 2-3 weeks, as soon as enough quantity is in the fields for an enjoyable experience.

Some early Raspberry varieties have been pollinated and are beginning to size nicely. Malahat, a variety which has great taste, early production and eye catching size will be ready in about 3 weeks. U-Pick for raspberries is always the best as its so easy to do, the whole family can join in and you are protected in the shade of the canes without having to bend down. U-Pick will open at the same time the season opens, in approximately 3 weeks. Irrigation is a major concern for farmers at the moment. By now, if you haven’t started irrigation, you are too late! We are in a crucial time where the plant is performing essential photosynthetic processes that directly correlate with fruit enhancement. Water is how the plant carries all the nutrients around the plant.

Pollination went great for one of our most popular Blueberry varieties, Duke. Bluecrop, which is also very popular, is on its last legs for pollination. We can now split open a blueberry and count how many seeds one berry has, giving us an indication on how well that particular berry was pollinated. But now, there is not much a farmer can do. This is where that year of hard work pays off, and every extra hour of planning and preparing shines in return as fruit set, yield and size. When you walk into a blueberry field, you should be able to hear the drip-drip-drip of the irrigation wetting the root system of the plants. And with the forecast predicted to be sunny, consumers can optimistically look forward to another great blueberry season. Blueberry u-pick should open in 3-4 weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website & facebook where we will always announce the availability of each crop, u-pick, and berry pre-orders. We know demand will be high and quality will be too, but quantity is something which we can’t gauge.

Every year we plant more and more berries, but every year they sell out just as fast.

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