Can you feel the excitement?!?

Construction is in full swing and preparations are already underway to be open later next month! We will be having a huge Grand Opening event in June/July and are so excited to see you all again. We are very excited to show you all the improvements and additions we have added to the farm, as well as new products! Like a phoenix we are rising out of the flames bigger and better & ready to shine. The excitement must be contagious as our turkey has not stopped talking all week!

Sneak Peek- April Construction
Sneak Peek- April Construction

Keep your eyes peeled to our social media for more details:




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We are also very eager to fill many staff positions before re-opening so if you’re interested in joining our team head on over to our careers page to see what opportunities we have available.
Again thank you all for you support in 2014, we can’t wait to get this new season started!

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