So many new things!

This month has been very exciting for us, we were able to start August re-opening our Play Area and Petting Zoo which so many of you missed and have been taking advantage of!

Not only that, but we launched our Family Corn Maze which is inspired by the Wizard of Oz. We have seen so many of you excited to go in with your activity card and coming out with big smiles! We are glad to see the excitement and look forward to seeing you come back for our Haunted Corn Maze coming this October!

In addition to these exciting offerings, we have brought back our delicious Pies!! You can do enjoy Maan Farms’ pies freshly made or frozen for you to take and enjoy at your convenience.

If that wasn’t enough, we are also providing you with our Maan Farms fruit wines!

We are so thrilled to continue to provide these great offerings to you, and just this week we were able to open our Strawberry fields for U-Pick!

So many changes this month and we look forward to seeing you for the rest of the summer and into the fall!



Maan Farms Country Experience