First steps to recovery

Sometimes in the middle of something so terrible we can get caught up in the negative and forget about the positive. We have been so fortunate through out this crazy ordeal, the support you our loyal customers have provided has been so so touching.

Last week we saw the last of our beloved facility get torn down and now we witness it being carried away in pieces…

Instead for focusing on what we have lost we are doing everything possible to focus on what we can do to continue being a special place for all your family memories! We are working round the clock to ensure the Play Area and Petting Zoo will reopen August 1st!

Mark your calendars because Papa Joe’s Corn Maze will also open August 1st! This staple for Maan Farms is family friendly and beloved by so many.

Our Fresh Veggie and Berry stand is going strong and our Maan Farms Corn is just flying! Don’t miss it!




Maan Farms Country Experience