Fire at Maan Farms

Needless to say, the last few days have all been a blur for us at Maan Farms.

As many of you know by now, in the early hours of July 14th, 2014 our facility caught fire. Although the cause is still not known the damage was significant.

As we locked up for the day after a busy Sunday we never, in our wildest dreams, expected to have to rush back to see our beloved facility engulfed in fire. In that moment, it’s difficult to think straight and not just fall to the ground as you watch all your hard work go up in smoke.

We are so thankful to the Abbotsford Fire and Police Departments for being here to ensure the area was secure and the fire was put out as quickly as possible.

As the initial shock wears off, we have gathered our team to being working on a game plan. While construction crews do what they do best, we focus on what we do best – which is providing you our loyal customers the best berries and services possible.

Feeling like a blast from the past, we have set up a temporary fruit and vegetable stand on the property where you can still get pre-picked berries and a selection of vegetables including our delicious Corn.

Further to our stand, our U-Pick blueberries and raspberries are available. The fields were not affected by the fire and they are fully stocked with delicious berries. With our facility burnt, now more than ever, we encourage you to join us for U-Pick, as we would hate to see the crop go to waste.

We are working hard to get back on our feet as quickly as possible, please stay tuned to find out when our Petting Zoo and Play Area will reopen as well as our winery, kitchen etc.

We would like to thank the entire community for all the support you have provided – we are very grateful.

From the entire team at Maan Farms, we thank you.


Maan Farms Country Experience