Strawberries are HERE!

Due to the beautiful weather we’ve had over the last few weeks our berries are earlier than expected! This by no means is a bad thing, in fact we are all jumping for joy. We have been receiving countless calls from you inquiring about when they would be in our market and when U-Pick would start.

The wait is over! Strawberries are here! In fact for THIS WEEK ONLY U-Pick is $1.49/lbs if you pick 10lbs or more!! Don’t wait, take advantage of the weather and this GREAT deal!

If U-Pick is not for you, our market is full of freshly picked berries for your convenience!

Our delicious Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries are not far off! We are amazed at how early these delicious berries are coming up. Be sure to check in with us about all our berries, they will all join the party before you know it.

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