We have miss you too!

Over the last few weeks we have received an overwhelming amount of calls from you, our loyal customers, all asking the same questions:

“When will you open?”

We’re not going to lie, we are so happy to hear that you are as eager for us to open as we are! The whole team is hard at work ensuring we get everything ready. There are many exciting changes hap

pening at Maan Farms. We are thrilled to announce that Kyle Hollaman has joined the team as our new Executive Chef. Kyle has brought his unique approach to our home-grown ingredients which has resulted in mouthwatering flavours! Be sure to come by and try all the new items on the menu as well as some trusty favourites.

One major addition to Maan Farms is the opening of our Events Centre. If you haven’t see it yet, be sure to sneak a peek because we will be hosting many events throughout the year.

Speaking of events, we are currently finalizing our Events Calendar. There is something for everyone to enjoy so be sure to check out our website and Facebook for dates.

As you can see we have lots to do before we open our door, however, because you asked for it, Maan farms will open early this year. Mark your calendars because April 5th is the day we are all waiting for!




Maan Farms Country Experience